Project Leader, Dr Melis Özdel, is published in the Industrial Law Journal

The UCL Autonomous Shipping Project is pleased to announce that Project Leader, Dr Melis Özdel, has been published in the Industrial Law Journal this month (October 2021).

Dr Özdel’s article is titled: ‘Reconceptualising the Nautical Fault Exception in the Fog of Emerging Technologies’. The nautical fault exception removes, to some extent, sea carriers’ liability for losses arising from their employees’ acts or omissions. Dr Özdel considers how an adapted version of this exception should be available to govern the carriage of goods by new technology vessels. Specifically, she advocates assigning legal personhood to machine-learning algorithms (for the purposes of this exception) in order to provide efficient and fair risk allocation in the new era of shipping.

This exciting and topical article can be read in full through the following link:

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