What to write – We are interested in articles linked to autonomous shipping, the focus of this blog. For example, articles could explore the legal implications of the use of these vessels or how the use of artificial intelligence will shape the future of shipping of industry. We are also interested in articles on the topic of artificial intelligence and the law. Please see the ‘About’ page for more information on the project’s focus.

How to submit – Please email submissions to If you have a topic in mind but would like feedback on this first before writing, please send a brief outline to this email address.

Length and format – Submissions should be up to 1000 words long and be sent in Word document format. 

Audience – Please write your article in a style that means it is accessible to a relatively wide audience who are not specialists in the area. 


  • English spelling should be used.
  • Dates should be in the style: 1 January 2020, 2015-19
  • Before using an abbreviation or acronym for an Institution or Official Body, please give the full name and indicate in parentheses the abbreviation or acronym which will be used in the rest of the article.
  • Single quotation marks should be used for quotes and when indicating that a word has a specific meaning. The only exception is that quotation marks within quotations should be double quotation marks. 
  • For further information the Hart Style Guide can be consulted.

Referencing – OSCOLA (the Oxford Style for the Citation of Legal Authorities) should be used. 

Biography of contributor – Please send a 2-4 line biography with your submission which we can include when we publish your article.

Editing – The editor has the right to decide which submissions should be published on the website.